Electrical Safety Ideas To Follow At Workplace

safety measures

At every workplace, there are several elements that will put the employees in danger in a certain way. Electrical hazards are the serious threats to workplace safety. It can lead to accidents or several other disease condition. Safety and health in the workplace need to focus on electrical safety. Therefore, electrical safety at workplace requires constant control by all the workers and business owners to diminish the risks. Thus the accidents and injuries at workplace due to electrical issues can be easily prevented if there are proper guidelines set in place by the management.

Although working with electricity is quite dangerous but following some simple, straightforward tips, the likelihood and impact of an accident can be markedly reduced. Everybody is responsible for electrical safety. It should be observed every time you use something that is connected to an electrical circuit.

Here are a few of the most crucial workplace safety principles.

  • Avoid overloading power points with extension gadgets and prefer using only single extension lead on one socket.
  • Carefully check the electrical appliances whether they are in good condition without any damage. If in case any item is damaged, then it is necessary to mark it as “do not use” or else such items are to be stored in a place where they cannot be used unless they are accurately fixed or discarded.
  • Fire safety. There are numerous fire safety regulations that any workplace should follow. Generally, safety regulations include fire alarms, adequately numbered fire exits, presence of fire extinguishers and sprinklers.
  • Regular inspection of the electrical wirings. Proper maintenance, repair monitoring and monitoring of overall electrical connections by authorized electrical contractors in Melbourne.
  • Making use of electrical devices in dry surroundings. If in case electrical devices are used in wet surroundings or outdoors, then proper control measures need to be in place.
  • Make sure that only the tested devices are used at the workplace. They may be either PAT tested or visually tested. This simply means that heaters, fans, mobile phone chargers and much more need to be tested accurately before being used.
  • Every switchboard comes with an emergency cut off switch, which is easily accessible and can be used in case of emergency. The switch needs to be tested on a regular basis to guarantee it stays effective.

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